Friday, November 14, 2008

PG-13 is PG-13 for a reason

This weekend is the big release of the new movie "Quantum of Solace". This is the latest in the 007 James Bond series and promises to be even more action packed than any previous movies.
The movie has been smashing records in Europe and will probably do the same here.

The good news about this movie for parents is that it is not being marketed to the tween market. Earlier this year we saw the marketing blitz of the latest Batman movie. This was surrounded with hype because of the tragic death of Heath Ledger just prior to the release of the movie. But it was also problematic for many moms with young sons because Batman is a major figure in the toy industry and still one of the most popular halloween costume for kids under ten.

We were fortunate because our ten year old has his older brothers watching out for him. The older boys went to the opening night and after seeing the movie they said that there was no way they would let their ten year old brother see it if they were in charge. Way too scarry.

But this weekend we do not have to worry so much about the ten year old campaigning to go to see the movie with the big boys when he is presented with an alternative activity to go with his friends to the science center.

Recently, my husband and I went to a movie that was rated r and it was loud with explosions, bad language, and all the other things that go along with rated r movies. I was a little amazed to see a couple there with their little baby. I don't mind babies in theaters or restaurants or airplanes - I love kids and I know everyone was a baby at one point. I heard the parents tell a friend sitting with them that they couldn't find a babysitter and they really wanted to see the movie. My personal opinion is that even babies who can't talk yet still can take all these images and noises in and it can negatively impact them.

In these days of DVD sales there is just no reason to send your kids into the movie theater unless you are 100% confident that they are old enough to handle what they will be bombarded with. And even if you have a child is mature and has seen other vile movies at home on DVD there is still seems like we should, as parents, protect their childhood as much as possible. And there is no reason to take a little baby into a theater just because there is no babysitter that night.

Kids today are being asked to grow up much faster than ever before. Underaged Disney stars are having babies and dating men well over the age of 21. And I love the Internet but since my older boys have been more involved with various social sites I have been amazed at the photos of teenage girls that are scantily clad in provocative poses - I wonder where their parents are.

Kids can benefit from listening to a wide variety of music. They benefit from trying a wide assortment of food. They benefit from learning to read and are given the opportunity to read some of the great classics. They can benefit from adhering to the PG-13 rating.

Let our kids be kids.

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